ECU remapping and coding in Kilkenny

Welcome to B&K Car Service, the home of ECU remapping and coding in Kilkenny. We pride ourselves on our quality of work, from a simple light bulb to a tailor made ECU remap. You can be confident to receive flawless customer service and results whatever the job may be.

ECU Remapping covers a broad range of software customization from an EGR delete to increased power figures. There are multiple parameters that can be adjusted to make your car suit your needs better than the factory provided software.

  • Performance Remapping:

    Performance remapping is ideal for drivers who want that little bit more from their vehicle. With a performance remap, both horsepower and torque figures can be drastically improved while keeping all of the engine and gearbox components within safe operating load. Every Remap done here at B&K is custom, which ensures that engines of any condition or mileage are kept safe. A performance remap is with no doubt the best bang for buck upgrade to completely change how your car drives.

  • Economy Remapping:

    Economy remapping is ideal for drivers who are less interested in performance than MPG. An economy remap will reduce fuel consumption without drastically altering the performance of the vehicle. An economy remap will best suit those who travel long distances and would like to reduce running costs.

  • Reprogramming:

    Here at B&K we can reprogram the ECU to adapt or even delete troublesome aspects of modern vehicles such as EGR systems, DPF systems, additive systems to name a few which can cause various issues which may be frequent and expensive to repair. This kind of reprogramming does not create issues when it is time for the NCT OR DOE so no need to worry.

  • Coding:

    We also offer a wide range of coding solutions for most vehicles which include U.S style city lights, alarm beep, needle sweep etc. This is perfect for drivers who would like to personalize their vehicle with a unique selection of coding options.

    Our state of the art dyno and equipment ensures perfection time and time again so you can be sure that your vehicle is in safe hands with us. As well as the remap customers will also receive a dyno printout to confirm horsepower and torque curves free of charge. There have been countless hours of research and testing gone into our latest branch of ECU remapping and we strive to be the best on offer.

  • What Vehicles can be remapped?

    All vehicles since 1999 are fitted with an ECU (Engine Control Unit) which like all computers contains software which can be altered to give different results. Although all vehicles with an ECU can be remapped it should be noted that best results will be achieved by vehicles with some form of forced induction particularly with performance remapping. All remaps done here are tailor made for your vehicle to ensure all vital components are kept safe regardless of engine condition or mileage.

Our ECU remapping services.

  • Performance Remapping
  • Economy Remapping
  • Reprogramming and deletion of EGR, DPF, ADBLUE etc.
  • ECU coding of U.S city lights, Alarm beep etc.
  • Hardcut limiters
  • Launch control

How to get your vehicle Remapped:

Simply give us a call on 083 866 0908 and provide us with your registration number, engine code and details of any modifications carried out (eg. Bigger turbo or injectors) and we will be more than happy to book an appointment at a convenient time that suits you.

ECU remapping and coding in Kilkenny

ECU remapping and coding in Kilkenny
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