B & K Car Service

Our trained, friendly and experienced mechanics offer a full range of car maintenance and repair services at reasonable rates.

Our full range of services is listed below:

  • Car Servicing:

    A good service schedule is vital to the wellbeing of your vehicle, here at B&K Car Service we take the utmost care in ensuring that your vehicle is treated with premium fluids and filters using only market leading brands every time. Included in the service your vehicle will be given a full inspection and you will receive a phone call notifying you of any additional work which may need to be carried out. Upon completion of the service your vehicle will be treated to a complimentary wash before collection.

  • Pre – NCT Checks:

    NCT is due? Book a pre-NCT check with us to ensure that your vehicle is in top condition for its NCT. A pre – NCT with us includes a full inspection of all aspects of the vehicle. Upon completion of the check, you will receive a phone call to notify you of any work which will be required in order for the vehicle to pass the NCT. A complimentary wash is included in all pre – NCT checks.

  • Computer Diagnostics:

    Your vehicle may require a diagnostic check if a warning light is displayed on the dash or if the vehicle is not working to the best of its capacity. Here at B&K Car Service we have some of the very best diagnostic equipment the industry has to offer for a perfectly accurate diagnostic report every time.

  • Electrical Repairs:

    At B&K Car Service, we carry out all types of electrical repairs from trailer sockets to open ECU repairs with a fully qualified auto electrician in house to ensure every job is carried out to a high standard.

  • Steering, Suspension and Brake Repairs:

    Modern day vehicles have complex steering, suspension and braking systems that need to be in good condition for safe operation. At B&K Car Service we repair and service all aspects of these systems using only market leading brands to ensure your vehicle stays in safe condition.

  • Gearbox Repairs:

    Both automatic and manual gearboxes are complex components of a vehicles drivetrain which must be in good condition for the safe operation of the vehicle. At B&K Car Service we carry out all service and repair procedures of all types of gearboxes with an experienced automatic and manual gearbox technician in house.

  • Timing Belts:

    A timing belt is a vital serviceable part in a vehicle which is needed for the operation of the engine. These are often neglected which can lead to them breaking, often causing terminal engine damage and a large repair bill. At B&K Car Service we use only market leading timing belt kits to ensure that the engine is kept safe and there is no risk of belt, bearing or water pump failure.

  • Emissions Test, Diagnostic and Repair:

    High emissions could result in an NCT fail and it is bad for the environment. Here at B&K Car Service we have the facilities to carry out emissions tests to ensure the engine and anti – pollution systems are working correctly and if not to diagnose and repair the issue.

  • Battery Replacement:

    A bad battery could result in a vehicle failing to start and can cause problems for the complex engine management system. We have the facilities to carry out a battery test and if required replace the battery safely using only top branded units with warranty included.

  • Wiper Blade Replacement:

    The humble wiper is a part often taken for granted but it is important to keep them in top condition to ensure good visibility and prevent damage to the windscreen. At B&K Car Service we replace wipers of any size or type with top branded parts.

  • Exhaust Systems:

    A bad exhaust system can be annoying and also dangerous to your health. We repair all parts of exhaust systems to top standard to ensure the whole system is working as it should to keep the vehicle in safe working condition.

  • Air Conditioning Systems:

    With our state of the art air conditioning system we can re-gas and diagnose all air conditioning systems. A leaking air conditioning system not only prevents cold air flowing into the cabin but can lead to pump damage causing auxiliary belt failure.

  • Tyres:

    One of the most important parts of any vehicle is of course its tyres, it is important to ensure that they are within the legal tread depth limits at all times and that there is no damage or uneven wear. We have tyres of all sizes from all the top brands available.

  • 24 Hour Recovery Service:

    ehicle not roadworthy? Stuck at the roadside? We offer support in emergency situations, providing help when and where it's needed.

  • Car Wash and Car Valeting:

    We offer a full range of car wash, cleaning and valeting in Kilkenny area.

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